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No one ever said running a business is easy. Starting a franchise is hard work: whatever the type of product or service. You’re putting your time, talent and money behind a new business venture and it can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially at the beginning. Yet with careful planning, focus, a solid network and the right training and support, you can position your business for growth and success. In the following pages, you will find some very practical, time-tested tips to help you and your franchise flourish.

Mr A K Mansoor
Founder & Chairman

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The Chicking® Family

What is it that makes Chicking® such a popular choice for families around the world? A wide
variety of flavorful tastes inspired by several parts of the world packed in a bright, modern, inviting ambience
with friendly, efficient staff is what makes dining at Chicking® the perfect choice for families and friends

From employee to partner to management, we are passionate about the Chicking® brand and committed to ensuring its continued success. To maintain our unique culture we ensure each applicant is carefully evaluated before joining our family.


Franchise Process & Policy


Submit the Chicking Online Application

Submit your complete details in the online application form together with the required attachments.



Chicking Franchise Package by Franchisor

Franchise package  will be furnished to the applicant upon the satisfactory review of the completed application.



MOU & Disclosure Document

The Memorandum of Understanding / Disclosure Agreement shall be signed by both Franchisor and Franchisee as a first step towards the signing of the Franchisee Agreement. 



Franchise Agreement & Financial Commitments

The signing of the Franchise Agreement is stipulated within the timeline indicated in the MOU. Franchise Fee – To be fully paid with the signing of the Agreement.



Pre-Conditions for Franchisee Qualification

Existing companies or individuals interested must form a separate private company exclusively for Chicking. 



Our Business Strategy

We believe there are significant opportunities to grow our business, strengthen our competitive position and increase profitability. Although well established with a strong base of loyal customers in the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Malaysia and India, we will enhance the brand through the execution of the following strategies:

  • Due to high demand we will expand to more than 500 outlets over the next 5 years and to 1,000+ outlets worldwide by 2025.
  • We will increase traffic by continuing to innovate and by adding new premium products to our menu.
  • We will update our interiors to make our premises even more attractive to families, friends and individuals.
  • We will maintain the Chicking® brand reputation by offering the highest quality and widest range of family-friendly, Halal compliant food among QSR companies.
  • Our franchise business model, along with continued operational improvement results in a satisfactory level of profitability for all franchisees.

Product Range

We are continuously developing and reviewing our tastes to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our menu has evolved through innovation to not only include our signature dishes but to a wide range of top quality products that showcase the latest trends in food options.

Catering to chicken, beef, vegetarian and pasta lovers alike, all of our products are constantly measured against the highest standards of taste, presentation and customer satisfaction.

We currently serve more than 1,000,000 totally devoted, utterly convinced customers per month. It seems our loyal and rapidly multiplying patrons appreciate the fact that we offer an exciting and varied menu inspired by taste cultures from around the world: authentic American, mouthwatering Mexican, inspiring Indian, and irresistible Italian.  Where customer is king and families are royalty . 


The Chicking® Quality & Halal Standards

Halal forms an integral part of our quality commitment. We realize that Halal not only means maintaining Sharia compliance but also includes hygiene, sanitation and safety aspects of our day-to-day operations. 

All of our processes, from product development and designing of outlets to customer service are regularly monitored to ensure the highest standards are not only achieved but also maintained. We take great pride in being one of the leading 100% Halal compliant QSRs in the world. 

Franchise Options

Your Choice

Currently serving in excess of 500,000 customers per month, you will be hard-pressed to find a more suitable concept that can cater to all markets. Chicking® has consistently proven its ability to adapt to customer demand and offers an exciting and modern concept that quickly builds a loyal customer base. Chicking® provides a potential franchisee with a comprehensive support system tailored to the needs and requirements of the franchise model chosen. Each model is developed to accommodate the strategic geographical development requirements in line with our Master Plan for Global Franchising;

Unit / Sub-franchise
A single unit Chicking® franchise model with options of operating in a food court or as a stand-alone (full dine-in) concept; typical locations are shopping malls and high footfall street areas.

Area Development Franchise
A multi-unit franchise model with the option of operating both as a food court and as a full dine-in concept within a defined territory: this is usually defined as district, town, city or state. Area Development Franchise is limited to the pre-defined geographical regions as set by Chicking® and the prospective franchisee should have the financial capability to support the growth targets for the territory.

Master Franchise
The Master Franchise model is offered in a territory defined as Region, Country or State as per pre-determined territorial status. Given the significant financial investment, the master franchisee has the option to operate equity outlets and sub-franchising. The prospective master franchisee organization requires a proven management team to support the development agenda for the territory.


Your Next Steps

Tap into our extraordinary franchising system that has been designed with one objective in mind – to make you profitable. Our highly systemized franchise operating and management systems together with our mentoring programs ensure that franchisees enjoy reduced business risk as well as a strong support structure.

Before submitting your application we invite you to:

• Experience the brand – Visit any of our stores, taste the products, and experience the atmosphere and concept.

• Meet with us – Visit our offices and we will be delighted to brief you further on franchise packages.

• Like us – Only apply if you really like our concept. Profit without passion is not a great motivator to success.

Once you have successfully done all of the above, and are still feeling enthused about our brand, we then welcome you to apply online.


A franchise will typically cost you between $350,000 – $450,000. A detailed breakdown can be supplied at the time of application. Costs will vary depending on size and specific fittings and other variable factors. 

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