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About Chicking

About Chicking

Kia Ora! We welcome your interest in learning more about becoming a Chicking® franchisee. Passionately conceptualised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the first Chicking® outlet was established in the year 2000, and since then, our brand has grown to become extremely popular in over 23 countries with more than 180 outlets. This impressive growth was achieved by understanding what families prefer. We are also a big favourite amongst individuals who are looking for a tasty alternative to formulaic fast food. Chicking® not only focuses on the sourcing and supply chain of food, but on the entire end-to-end experience; one that includes overall hygiene and safety. Chicking® is also proud to be one of the first fully Halal international quick service restaurant (QSR) brands. We serve fresh, great tasting food, using only the finest quality herbs and spices, carefully selected from around the world, to deliver exciting flavors in a modern setting. It is this dedication to quality and world-class best practices that has quickly catapulted Chicking® into the hearts and taste buds of its ever-growing fan base. We currently serve more than 500,000 totally devoted, utterly convinced customers per month. It seems our loyal and rapidly multiplying patrons appreciate the fact that we offer an exciting and varied menu inspired by taste cultures from around the world.

Innovation served hot

Product innovation is one of the primary focus points at Chicking®. Our range of exciting flavours, inspired by taste cultures from around the world, have been refined through constant research and development, into the signature, deliciously secret recipes enjoyed today. Owing to the fact that individuals and families often develop their own personal tastes, the Chicking® menu features a wide variety such as our signature Original (non-spicy), Fried (Spicy) & Grilled Chicken (perfectly ove grilled), Boneless Chicken Strips, Mexita, Crunchy Supreme Burgers, Royal Wraps, Taco Wrap and Chicken Bites, and Fries with our Tandoori Flavour, Pinoy BBQ, Hot Wings, Double Crunchy, Soho Rice and Chicking Peri-peri chicken served Half/Full with 4 special Sauces

Even our beverages showcase innovation through Frizzr, a unique range of refreshing mocktails in a variety of highly popular flavours. At Chicking® we understand that innovation is not just about staying relevant to local market conditions and growth strategies. We have an excellent support structure in place for all franchisees and partners, ensuring constant collaboration and satisfaction on products, services and value. The Chicking® concept is designed to be easily adaptable to a variety of retail spaces and can be flawlessly used in most settings such as food courts, dine-in restaurants, kiosks, standalone or drive-thru facilities.

Passion & Commitment

Chicking® started with a vision of our founder & chairman, Mr. A. K. Mansoor, who identified the need for a fully Halal compliant QSR that serves great tasting food in an inviting environment. Back then, the choice available was very limited, and so after thorough market research, the Chicking® team passionately created a range of outstanding recipes, which includes our signature tastes and pioneering food concepts. From the time it was launched, Chicking® was a runaway success.

Chicking® is a registered international trademark registered under Banquet foods International FZE. Since then, Mr. A. K. Mansoor has boldly innovated by creating an exciting and varied menu that is inspired by taste cultures from around the world and winning millions of customers along the way. Now Chicking has grown extremely popular in 30+ countries with more than 230+ outlets and opening much-more new locations near you.

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